Intradiscal Stem Cell Injection for Back Pain

The Microsurgical Spine Center (MSC) is pleased to announce that it is now providing stem cell injection for Back Pain therapies to patients suffering from degenerative disc disease and spine and back pain as one of the first therapies that take advantage of the body’s natural capacity to heal itself, this brand-new and ground-breaking therapy redefines how we think about spinal care. 

Because it employs the patient’s cells as a therapy approach, this quick and minimally invasive process is an exciting advance in spinal care. This is because it uses the patient’s own cells as a treatment strategy. Keep reading to find out more about how receiving stem cell injections can help you find long-term relief from the symptoms you’ve been experiencing.

Although stem cells are present throughout the body, they have no specific function, and they may be reprogrammed to have the traits of any cell and behave in any part of the body. The human body produces enormous amounts of stem cells. According to research conducted in the medical field, these cells, once collected and transplanted into an area of wounded tissue, have the potential to mature into new, healthy cells and replace the damaged cells that are already there. The transfer of the stem cells is one way to achieve this goal.

What exactly is an injection of stem cells?

Injections of healthy stem cells taken from the patient’s body are used in this cutting-edge medical technique, which aims to regenerate and repair damaged tissue in the spinal column. The Microsurgical Spine Center in Washington was the first medical facility in the state to offer this treatment for patients suffering from back discomfort. You might be familiar with the debate around using embryonic stem cells in medical treatment, but we work with adult stem cells taken from the patient’s body.

In our outpatient surgery clinic, we execute a procedure known as a stem cell injection. This is a minimally invasive procedure. In fewer than two weeks, patients can anticipate experiencing pain reduction from the treatment.

However, it is essential to remember those stem cell injections can only treat a portion of the underlying issue. It is a component of a comprehensive treatment plan and lifestyle modification that includes adopting a diet low in inflammatory foods and engaging in physical therapy. When carried out in concert with one another, these necessary adjustments improve the body’s mechanics, which in turn helps prevent future discomfort.

Stem Cell Injection for Back Pain
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Extracting bone marrow from the pelvis bone is the first step in the technique involving injecting stem cells. These stem cells will be harvested for use in the therapy of your condition, and they may be found here. After that, the cells are separated from the other components of bone marrow by being subjected to a high-speed spinning process. The partner company of MSC, Celling Biosciences, was responsible for developing the cutting-edge separation method known as centrifuge. After the stem cells have been completely prepared, they are then injected directly into the discs that have been injured. Ultrasound is used as a guide during the injection to ensure maximum precision. The entire process may be completed at our office in over an hour and requires no special facilities.

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Stem Cell Injection for Back Pain
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Stem Cell Treatment

Stem cell therapy often referred to as “regenerative medicine,” is a treatment that employs stem cells to elicit a response from sick, damaged, or wounded tissue.This can help diagnose and treat many diseases.

Stem cell therapy is particularly appealing to medical experts worldwide since it eliminates the need for organ donors, who are extremely scarce, and allows for the treatment of a much larger number of patients in a shorter time.

Farmingdale physicians specializing in pain management are beginning to employ this therapy method to assist patients and improve the patients’ underlying medical issues.For illustration, if a patient has heart illness, the cells are inserted into the cardiac muscle, and the formation of a new healthy muscle cell becomes a component in repairing the heart’s damaged area. This process is called regenerative cardiology.

The use of stem cell treatment is not restricted in any way, at least not in theory.

Stem Cell Injection for Back Pain
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 As a result of the fact that our stem cells are in charge of mending themselves, the injections can shorten the amount of time you have to rest after an accident and enable you to avoid having to go through a painful rehabilitation process. 

Scientists think this treatment may one day be relevant to a wide variety of disorders, even though a significant amount of research and testing still has to be conducted. Back pain is one of the symptoms of several conditions, including degenerative disc disease, which is one of those conditions. 

Several potential causes for the discs in your spine to deteriorate, but in every instance, this results in problems with the lower back. The following are the components of a typical treatment plan for lumbar degenerative disc disease:

  • over-the-counter medications
  • Medications that reduce swelling and pain.
  • Therapy of the Physical Kind
  • Spinal Mobilization.
  • Surgery.

For certain patients, stem cell therapy may be a useful kind of treatment. The cells benefit the healing process and can potentially be beneficial since they can develop into any cell in the body.

When administered by a pain management specialist in Farmingdale, stem cells have a pro-government and immunomodulatory effect on the intervertebral discs. This, in turn, may reduce some of the discomforts that you are experiencing, and it will also perhaps slow down the process of degeneration that is taking place.

What are the uses of stem cell injection for back pain?

Injections of stem cells can heal various ailments, such as arthritis, Achilles tendon injuries, pain in the sacroiliac (SI) joint, and common degenerative disease of the hip or shoulder.

Surgery has long been considered one of the most effective treatment choices available when the first signs of disc degeneration appear because of its ability to help strengthen muscles and relieve discomfort. On the other hand, many different rehabilitation programs can also help strengthen muscles, which in turn can help reduce pain. Adult gene therapy is rapidly becoming an effective therapy for disc displacement and low back pain in the contemporary world.

Stem Cell Injection for Back Pain
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This approach can also be modified for usage in other areas, such as treating joint abnormalities such as Achilles tendonitis and knee arthritis or delaying joint replacement surgery in active older persons. It may even help athletes extend their careers at the professional level.

The Process Behind Stem Cell Therapy

Stem cell treatment, as opposed to prolotherapy and platelet-rich plasma therapy, employs healthy adult stem cells that are taken from the patient’s tissues and use their capacity to replace damaged or degenerating cells and encourage regeneration.

Adipose tissue and bone marrow contain adult stem cells that may be extracted. Stem cells release growth factors when injected into torn or deteriorated tissue (lumbar discs, tendons, ligaments, etc.), which serve as mediators for the repair and regeneration of the original tissue.

Stem Cell Injection for Back Pain FAQ

Are injections of stem cells safe?

Injections of stem cells made from your stem cells are regarded as secure. There is never a guarantee that an injection won’t result in bleeding, infection, or nerve damage, but utilizing your stem cells eliminates the possibility of an adverse response. You can decide if stem cell injections are the best option for you by scheduling a consultation with one of our specialists.

Does the treatment of back pain using stem cells work?

The treatment of back pain with stem cells is the first therapy that alleviates the patient’s discomfort but also assists in regenerating damaged tissue.

Is stem cell treatment right for me?

Maybe. Visit for a consultation to find out whether you’re a candidate. If your spinal degeneration has advanced to the point that it has structurally harmed your spine, you are not a candidate. For instance, your spine is not structurally sound if you have severe scoliosis or a fractured back.
For individuals with mild to moderate degeneration, stem cell injections are advised. Additionally, you cannot get stem cell injections if you have cancer or use an anticoagulant drug like Coumadin. 


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